Resin Infused Fibreglass technology
This high end process is normally used to create complex Aircraft components, medical imaging
 equipment & High end Automotive items such as Racing Seats etc.
   - Produces more than double the strength with significant weight savings over the traditional
      spray type process.
   - Results in a very consistent thickness eliminating air pockets. 

CAD designed CNC Machined moulds
  - Allows the production of a hull with a 0.2mm per metre tolerance
  - Ensures a symmetrical hull
  - Less resistance through the water
  - Improved performance and fuel economy
  - Improved handling & tracking 

Zero structural Timber used in construction
This Rainforest friendly process also eliminates traditional problems such as:
  - Uneven hull surfaces due to timber warping & twisting
  - Creaking floors & decks due to delaminating of the timber
  - Expensive Wood rot repairs due to water contamination 

Positive Floatation
The vessel will remain afloat even if full of water and carrying its maximum rated capacity 

Independently Surveyed
Rather than being "self assessed" all Atomix vessels are 3rd party independently surveyed and tested